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"The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude," Matthew Jeffers

No matter how bad things are, we still have one thing in our control and it is our attitude.
Embrace what we can't change and do the best of what we have. Nothing else works.

I personally developed an allergy to "Think Positive" because sometimes, we need to think on the negative and avoid the "Optimism Bias" like the delusional decisions that brings recklessness in managing economy, personal spending, wars etc.

Unlike "Think Positive", a "Positive Attitude" is a state of mind that focuses on solution rather on the problems. Focus on healing rather than on pain. Constructive and effective feedback as opposed to cynical criticism. "Positive Attitude" is an active state of mind concentration on doing rather than just thinking.

Matthew Jeffers, a senior acting major at Towson University in Maryland wrote a letter to the Baltimore Ravens, his favorite NFL team, entitled "A Reason To Win." It was a perspective of his struggles with Skeletal Dysplasia, in relation to the struggles of winning a Super Bowl, with the ultimate lesson that, "Life is not fair, it doesn't care about feeling sorry for yourself or self-pity. The only disability in life is a bad attitude.


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